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BioSocial Talks

Public lecture series: BioSocial Talks


BioSocial Talks is a public lecture series on anthropological approaches to health, disease, lifeways and human diversity both in past and living societies.


Seven talks will take place online, by Zoom, with national and international speaker from all around the world (in which webpage you can see more information about that specific talk, including the Zoom link), namely:

The Evolution of rASUDAS and Its Application to Bioarchaeological Problems

by G. Richard Scott, David Navega, João Coelho, on MAY 13th, see WEBPAGE


Gravidez ativa no combate à obesidade infantil

by Rita Santos Rocha, on MAY 27th, see WEBPAGE


Fear, violence, inequality and stunting in Guatemala

by Barry Bogin, on June 8th, see WEBPAGE


Os Desafios da Arqueologia Ambiental no Brasil da Crise Eterna

by Albérico Nogueira de Queiroz, on June 22th, see WEBPAGE


O Homem e a Malária – juntos há milénios

by Ana Paula Arez, on July 6th, see WEBPAGE


Political Ecologies of Human Shit. The Recycling Economy of Night Soil and Human Manure in Early 20th Century China

by Jun Zhang, Gonçalo Santos, on July 13th, see WEBPAGE


The Afterlives of Sanitation Waste in Urban Green Spaces of the Late Industrial US

by Nicholas C. Kawa, on July 20th, see WEBPAGE



maio 13 2021


Início: maio 13 às 18:00
Fim: julho 20 às 15:00
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